Conceptual artist, David Ireland, converted his home, 500 Capp Street, into a state of mind.  Over two weekends in September and October, 2016, Amie Dowling, along with collaborators Sebastian Alvarez, Elaine Buckholtz, Sharon Cox, and Natalie Greene, and a cast of Bay Area performers, will present Moving Not Knowing, Being Not Making, Ongoing Not Finished: Not=Nothing Owns Time, a response to this state and the impressions the house has left on the artists.  The investigations will be a series of site-specific installations and performance interventions.  

Coinciding with recent preservation efforts, the performances will consider Ireland’s deep relationship with his home and its own history, exploring distinctions between art and everyday life.  Themes of preservation and repair, assemblage, time, and notions of the natural, will offer audiences a window into Ireland’s legacy. 

Performances will be held in 2017.