Current Ensemble Members include

Le’Mar “Maverick” Harrison

Maurice “Reese” Reed

Neiland Franks

Nythell “Nate” Collins

Richie Morris

Rodney (RC) Capell

Rauch Draper

Upumoni S. Ama

Lawrence Pela


Azrell Ford

Anouthinh “Choy” Pangthong

Antwan “Banks” William

Belize Villafranco

Chris Marshall, Sr.

Eric Lowery AKA Mike Lowery

Gary Harrell

Gino Sevacos

Ira Perry

Julian Glenn Padgett


Outside members include: Sebastian Alvarez, Amie Dowling, Freddy Gutierrez & Selby Schwartz


Artistic Ensemble is a troupe of 20 diverse men.  In our explorations to discover how we can reach the public, we also discover more about what it means to be human by connecting with each other. Our creative process is dialogic. Together we explore social inequalities with language, sound, and movement.

It is through the collaborative effort between outside Artistic Ensemble members and Artistic Ensemble members in blue, that we take our constraints and boundaries and turn them into new perspectives about how we, and our art, are seen.  Our stories cannot be properly told without the echoes of our voices, you cannot picture our world unless we are behind the camera. 

There is nothing about us, without us.

– The Artistic Ensemble

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These men have placed themselves in history, naming their movement -- The Prison Renaissance -- and using creativity to explore restoration, accountability, trauma, healing, incarceration, systemic oppression and more. It is an honor to be part of their movement.

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