Dance Generators


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Dance Generators are a group of USF students and Senior Bay Area Adults, aged 17-72, who strive to create thought-provoking works of dance and theater. Through casting, content, and movement choices, they aim to stretch audiences’ definitions of dance. They perform in dance festivals, schools, and senior centers throughout the Bay Area.

Performance Project


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The Performance Project began September of 2000 as a theater and movement workshop at the Hampshire Jail and House of Corrections in Northampton, MA. Eight men incarcerated at the Jail collaborated with dancer/choreographer, Amie Dowling, and visual and theater artist, Julie Lichtenberg, to create a performance piece. The work was based on the group’s experiences, ideas, beliefs and themes that they chose to communicate.

American Dance Festival


Watch: Mic

Watch: In the Arc, 1996

Watch: Terra Incognita, 1999